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You will never forget your keys again

Why we tend to forget certain items after a short period of time? 

John is a second year Sociology major. He finds difficulty in remembering myriad of facts and sociological terms. John was a bright student in  school, unlike, he finds hard to learn Sociology in college. The fact is not that he has no aptitude or interest for learning Sociology; but in remembering information. John forgets important points during the examination and loses his points. He becomes infuriated and moody due to these circumstances. How can John remember information effectively? 

Similarly, we face similar problem like to that of John like forgetting names, appointments, phone numbers, misplacing keys, etc.

The answer to solve all this problem is to learn  "The Art of using memory techniques."


Here are the few methods that helped me in improving my memory:

  1. Pay attention. If I ask you to describe your wristwatch and draw an accurate picture of it, how well you can perform?
  2. Form associations. Associate the new information you learn with your existing knowledge.
  3. Mnemonics:   Use 'acronyms' whenever possible. Example: To remember the colours: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, say VIBGYOR OR ROY G BIV .
  4. Visualize information: Form mental images to remember information. Construct stories using your imagination. It takes a lot of practice to use this method effectively. Simple rule is "Practice makes perfect".
  5. Avoid distractions:  Unless you are free from distractions, you won't be able to remember perfectly. Stay away from noises, disorganized environment, etc. 


Use this table as your reference:

Mnemonics                                                      Words             
VIBGYORViolet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

For remembering your keys, pay attention to the place. You will succeed.

Always have it in mind, "Meaningful learning is the best  form of learning". Unless you know the meaning of the material, it will be an herculean task to recall that information. Using memory techniques without understanding the material would be like putting the cart before the horse. John is of the same case.




Found a new way to improve memory? Share it with me.

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