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What's your personality?


Read each question, and write a Yes or No beside each question number. There are no right or wrong answers. Answer each question honestly, and take as much time as you need. If some questions are hard discuss it with your friend or partner.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you like to have a lot of freedom when you do an assignment or a job?

2. Do you like to be a leader?

3. Do you like to finish one job before you start the next?

4. Are you generally co-operative?

5. Do you like to work on projects by yourself?

6. Do you keep your things neat and tidy?

7. Do you enjoy writing poetry or stories?

8. Would you enjoy selling things, from apartment rentals to newspaper?

9. Do you plan carefully before you start to do something?

10. Are social activities very important to you?

11. Would you like to work on research projects?

12. Do you like to follow directions carefully?

13. Are you sensitive to your own feelings?

14. Do you usually look on the bright side of things?

15. Do you like to build things and/or repair them?

16. Are you able to explain things clearly to other people?

17. When you learn something new, do you often try to find out more about it?

18. Do you have clerical ability?

19. Do you like to create things, for example, inventing gadgets or designing posters?

20. Would you describe yourself as being ambitious?

21. Are you uncomfortable when a lot of people pay attention to you?

22. Can you discuss difficult subjects with people without hurting their feelings?

23. Would you want to work in a science laboratory?

24. When you do a project or another job, do you do it carefully, one step at a time?

25. Do you have musical, artistic, or dramatic ability?

26. Do you like speaking in front of a group of people?

27. Do you enjoy working with tools and machinery?

28. Are you able to help people who are upset or worried?

29. Do you read scientific books or magazines?

30. Would you like to prepare letters and written reports?

31. When you have been assigned a project or task, do you like to do it

     Differently from most other people?

32. Are you a person who likes to try new things or experiences?

33. Do you see yourself as a practical person?

34. Are you a good listener?

35. Do you like solving mathematical or chess puzzles?

36. Do you arrange your papers, files, or books in an organized way?

37. Do you express your emotions easily?

38. Do you think you can sell an idea or a product?

39. Do you often take part in sports or athletics?

40. Can you meet new people easily?

41. Do you dig deeply into topics to satisfy your curiosity or to solve problems?

42. Do you see yourself as being calm rather than emotional?

43. Are you basically independent?

44. Are you good at arguing your point of view?

45. Do you think you have mechanical ability?

46. Do you enjoy giving information to other people?

47. Would you rather find out something for yourself than take another person’s word for it?

48. Would you like to work at a job where you would operate a computer or other machine?

49. Do you have a good imagination?

50. Would you be interested in organizing a club or another group?

51. Would you rather work at a task than socialize with people?

52. Would you describe yourself as generous?

53. Are you more of a thinking than an emotional person?

54. Do you enjoy working with numbers?

55. Are you able to design, invent, or create things?

56. Have you considered starting your own business?

57. Do you like working with your hands, doing things such as plumbing repairs, fixing cars,

Sewing or wallpapering?

58. Are you interested in looking after people when they are sick?

59. Do you have mathematical abilities?

60. When you are given an assignment, do you like to show how well you can do it?

Note: Before answering each question, think whether the input 'Yes' or 'No' is appropriate to you in most of the situations in your life to get accurate and reliable results.

Good luck!


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