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How to use SQ3R method in our learning?

"Let a man learn thoroughly whatever he may learn, and let his conduct be worthy of his learning".

~Couplet no-391, Learning, Thirukkural.

Learn effectively using the SQ3R method for good retention rate and an increased performance in your exams.

The expansion of SQ3R  is given below:-

  • S stands for survey
  • Q stands for question
  • R stands for read
  • R stands for recite
  • R stands for review

Most of the time, students find it  hard to get the gist of the information they learn and remember them for later use. This leads to poor retention rates, adversely, leading to poor performances in the examinations. There is no wonder that myriad of students ask questions like: How to get more marks? How can I remember a lot of information? How to increase my concentration? How to prepare for exams? How to increase my confidence in taking tests? and so on.  A distinction between a top-performer and low-performer in the examinations is just one thing-'plan'. Do you have a plan? An ideal student has a prepared plan with him and follows it with utmost dedication and by being disciplined. What is that you don't have that your comrades have in securing more marks and having good memory? . The answer is 'Methodology'. Let's begin with the methodology straight away.

After reading this article, you'll have a crystal clear plan with you in hand and work accordingly. Have a notepad and a pen or pencil with you in hand. Take notes not just read. Let's begin with sq3r method in detail:

Have you ever wondered what  is the most effective learning strategy and learned it? If no, you're among the 90% of people. Stage-1: Before reading a novel, chapter, newspaper or an article, begin with surveying for main ideas and themes. Look for headlines, important quotes, etc. During this stage, you'll will set goals about what you're going to achieve out of you're reading. Stage-2: After having an objective behind your  reading, start with asking several questions pertaining to the topic you're reading. Formulate as many questions you can.  Note: You shouldn't turn to book back questions during this stage.     Stage 3: Now read the chapter and gradually find the answer for all the questions you've postulated. During this stage, you'll also need to think critically, postulate counter arguments, contradict assumptions and develop ideas if so. Stage-4: During this stage, you'll have to recite the information to yourself or to your friend or someone who is accompanying with you. In this way, you tend to know about what information you remember and what not. Fix your pitfalls and redo it. Stage-5: This is the final stage of SQ3R method. During this stage, you've to turn to your book back questions and answer all the questions without reading the text any more or use it for reference. This will help you in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and you can work flexibly to fix the gap. 

The main objective of this method is to "Learn thoroughly of whatever you learn".   

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